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Tools You Might Have Missed

a good list of Search Tools ...

Tools You Might Have Missed

"Tools You Might Have Missed"

Here is a collection of research tools I made, as you might have missed them the first time around. Many of them access the Google API.

* Actors: What roles does an actor play?
* Link cosmos: See backlinks to your blog from Technorati and Bloglines.
* AnyRank: Find the CurseRank, GeekRank, NaughtyRank, or IntellectRank for your URL.
* Neighborsearch: Searches within pages linked from a site.
* Moviebot: See automated movie ratings, like for "Terminator."
* Google Mini: A small version of Google (IE-only).
* Google Rotated: A rotated version of Google (IE-only).
* The Google Family Tree: See relatives of any famous person.
* Ageshare: In which age group do keywords like "ice cream" appear most often?
* Categorizer: Automatically find a category for your keywords.
* FindForward: Collects many different search tools from this blog.
* Citybrowser: Find out everything about a city.
* The Google Encyclopedia: Data-mining through search engines.
* Domain Generator: Get a random domain name.
* Google Years: Show the PageCount for the years 1000-2100.
* Illusionizer: Replaces the images on any page by matching Google Images results.
* Memomarker: Get the "Googlonym" for any URL or text.
* PageBoost: Get only positive reviews for your URL.
* Permutator: Find variations for any URL.
* PersonMap: Which character traits most closely describe you or another person? The nearer an attribute is to the center, the more fitting it is.
* Image Quiz: My stats tell me this is the most popular page here ever.
* Quote Finder: Check if a source is original or taken from somewhere else.
* Random page: Takes random words, googles them, and redirects you to the first page found.
* Random Book: Grabs a random book, CD, DVD, or VHS from Amazon.
* Random Ego-Googler: Find a random person on the web.
* Memecodes: Darwinistic random page genes in a battle for search engine attention.
* Search Grid: Truly two-dimensional search results.
* Stereoscopic ASCII vision: Create one of those images you need to gaze on for a minute to see them in 3D.
* Google Suggests: Find out what options Google Suggest offers.
* Word Popularity Colorizer: Visualize how frequent keywords are relative to the context they appear in.
* Theorybot: Random theories on the click of a button.
* Egobot: Talk to the web through Egobot.
* The Google Couch Potato: Infinitely stream Google Videos.
* Keyword Variations: Finds site with variants of your keyword.
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